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Just let every person be

Updated: May 4, 2022

"Just let me be"

Anxiety, stress, overthinking...

Tendency to control everything

✔how you look

✔how people see you

✔what people think about you

✔how people misjudge you without even really knowing you or your story, etc.

Constant fear that something terrible or unfair will happen to you or people you care about..

Constant effort to see and process everything by taking under consideration everyone's point of view with respect and understanding..

Constant battle to be "perfect" (fair, kind, respectful, caring, thoughtful, correct, successful, humble) in everything even though it' s something impossible, not by far the point in life and no one will truly appreciate it, not even your own self..

And at the same time...

Constant craving to be you, attuned with yourself, your positive and negative features (all needed and useful), your mistakes and your efforts to correct be forgiving to yourself and be heard and to be seen, acknowledged and accepted for who you really are because everybody has their worth..

These are all forces and situations we all deal with, more or less, in our every day lives..and they need to be seen as they are, SERIOUS BUT MANAGEABLE!

No one can control anything, not a single thing, except their own selves! Not their environment, not other people's behavior or opinion..only themselves!

And that may seem bad, but actually it is positive!

Because every single person should focus on themselves, treat it with kindness, forgiveness, love and respect!

Anxiety, stress and overthinking will not make anyone "perfect", flawless, foolproof or accepted by everyone.

No one will ever be accepted, acknowledged, appreciated, respected, heard or loved by everyone, no matter how much they try or how much they want it.

So let us all focus on ourselves and what we actually CAN control.

And it's not selfish or ostrich mentality. Because when everyone focuses on themselves and works to improve and know themselves better, they become better with other people too and they don't judge that easily.

Let us let every person is already way too heavy to carry ourselves as it is..let us not make it harder for anyone..

And if everything becomes overwhelming, there is always the choice to talk, clear things out, if possible, and discuss anything that bothers you with specialists or non specialists, whatever serves your needs. Don't let any thought or negativity consume you.

One's truth is their truth..but before judging, find all the pieces of the truth around you, starting by your own self and environment and working slowly but steadily your way out!


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